Fiber optic with quick coupling

Fiber optic high speed handpiece with kavo type 6 holes quick coupling

Model: TPF4-D-K6

Product name: Fiber optical high speed dental handpice with quick coupling


Push button type;

Rotation Speed:320,000~400,000RPM

Fiber optic, Kavo type quick coupling

Sterilization Temperature:135°C 

Applicable Bur:Φ1.59-1.60mm

Operation Instruction:

It shall be sterilized before handpiece is used at the first time;sterilization temperature is 135℃ and last for 12 minutes.

After using,Please follow the instruction to sterilize the handpiece:

1. Extract the bur from the handpiece,use the soft brush to clean the dirt and wash with disinfection of alcohol cotton.

2. Lubricate the handpiece,pour two drops into air tube one time.

3. Wrap it with sterilization package and mark.

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